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Demons is the 10th episode of Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi anime series.



Ysley checking the eye in Piscalat's mouth

Two years have passed, but Ysley and his team haven't heard or had any lead of the fugitive demons. He asks Piscalat what do the demons look if not fused with a human and she explains they look like a giant creature with no rigidly defined form, whose body is made out of tentacles. Ysley wonders why Cory had so many eyes and Piscalat states they all have multiple eyes, but most of them look inward after fusing, and showcase she have an eye in her mouth. Barcode enters and sees Ysley inspecting Piscalat's mouth and wonders if he is interrupting something, but they decline. Barcode then informs them that Buzz and Meliano showed up.

Piscalat and Neput go meet with Buzz and Meliano. They tell Piscalat that they had a baby demon, but he escaped and want help. As its already two months old, Neput reminds them that if a demon gets older than two weeks, he can't fuse anymore, and those who fail to fuse are disposed off. Piscalat questions Buzz if he knows anything about the other demons that escaped. Buzz realizes she is suspicious of him and wonders if he should run with Meliano, but explains they all just left and didn't share their plans. As they know nothing, Cory then bites off Meliano's head. In anger, Buzz transforms and tries to attack Cory, but he slashes Buzz in two, killing him. Piscalat comments that Cory had become quite strong and may be even stronger than Nickel, and Cory is disappointed that Nickel is dead as he can't confirm it. Ysley comments it was a bad decision to run on a deserted island, as while its more safe, they loose all the intel on the enemy, which will result in a failure in the end.

Hayato breaking Gill and Paula

Hayato trains with Paula and Gill, but easily defeats them. He is disappointed as Rin is still not herself and Prontea stopped showing up. Cory shows up commenting that Hayato looks bored and suggest they fight, however, Hayato doesn't remember who Cory is. Paula recognizes him and explains its Cory. Cory explains that Ysley though him the best way to fight and transforms. Hayato attacks, but Cory bites off Hayato's arm. They engage in a more serious fight, but Cory manages to cut Hayato's other arm as well. Hayato asks him what kind of training he went, but Cory states he haven't trained, but just matured from kid to an adult. Ysley and Piscalat observe the fight. Ysley doesn't believe Hayato can win, but if he had Hayato's strength, he would have won over Cory.

Miku making contact with Oobami

Merku is feeding the two babies inside of Umeyo and states she doesn't see any side effects of the fusion. Miku reminds her to take good care of them as they will be her future husbands. Miku then tells Merku to turn the TV on and they see Meliano and Buzz's baby demon destroying a ship. Miku states this is what she was waiting as with demons running amok in the open, the Idaten will focus on them and gives them a chance to rendezvous with the Demon Lord. Miku then purchases a tiny robot, a tiny camera and a digital camera. She takes a picture of the robot and post it on internet. As the robot has speaker and she attaches the camera, the Demon Lord could temporary use it. Miku explains she anticipated all of this and had left a letter to the Demon Lord before the Idaten attack on how he can contact her using a nonsense phrase, that she used while talking about her spontaneous purchase of the robot in her blog. The phrase returns zero results, but now that it returns one result, the Demon Lord will know its Miku. Moments later, Oobami uses the robot and complains that Miku ran off by herself. He tells them that Buzz and Meliano are dead and Miku realizes the demon running amok is their child, and that they begged for help, but got killed.

Oobami then tells her everything she knows, and Miku realizes in how bad situation they are in, and wonders if they should just give up. Oobami tells her he needs research facilities and Miku believes that Kuraishi should have covered that part. Miku thinks there is a way to contact him and asks Oobami what he was telling him. Oobami explains he is usually telling him the names of the surviving demons and that Piscalat and the rest got brainwashed, and now that Buzz and Meliano are dead. Miku then writes something and tells him to say it to Kuraishi next time.

When Kuraishi contacts Oobami, he tells him a code on how to rendezvous with the password being a password of a video game that Ferlandia liked as a kid. Recalling that, Ferlandia states it should be "SoSoSeSoUODhiKoNKoSeChiSaUOToKe". Ysley realizes that Miku must have been the one who though of this communication and gets angry. Piscalat says that anyone could think of a password being shared memory moment, but that wouldn't explain how Oobami would know the password. As Kuraishi also recalls that, Ferlandia recalls playing with Miku as a child and she mocking her for her password, making her angry that Miku still remembers it. Deciphering the message, Ferlandia and Kuraishi get an address. Kuraishi then goes to an old toy shop and its radio toy section. He then meets Oobami, who is in a small robot and he purchases it. Miku believes its best if they remain split and only Oobami knows where are they, so that they avoid the situation of being wiped out at the same time. She suggests that Kuraishi makes kids with Merku and Miku, but Ferlandia gets angry and refuses. Ferlandia wonders on how they will contact Kroft and Raki, and Miku wonders if they really need Raki as she is dumb and a single mistake could kill them all. Leaving her could be more useful. Meanwhile, Raki gives birth to a child and lets it into the ocean and then decides to make another with Kroft.

Prontea killing a demon

Seven years pass and Rin is still not herself. While spacing out, she sees a whale that gets eaten by a demon. She comments she haven't see a whale in years, but it was eaten and then realizes it must have been a demon and quickly jumps in the water to look for it. Meanwhile, Gill and Hayato train with Cory and they manage to beat him. Paula is surprised that Gill is managing to keep up with Hayato. Prontea had killed a fourth demon and tells Ysley is safe to assume the pure-blooded demons are mating. Ysley believes the demons are growing fast because of the large amount of food available, while in the past the demons had to cannibalize each other to survive. Ysley puts wanted posters and a high reward for any information about Miku and the rest of the fugitive demons.

After shopping, Teta returns to Miku's apartment. She asks him if he wants to eat first or "play" and he chooses "play". Miku later goes out and everyone recognizes her. One man tries to capture her, but she shoots him in the head. Piscalat confirms that is indeed Miku, making them wonder what she is planning.