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Smells Fishy is the 11th episode of Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi anime series.



Prontea follows Miku into a building, but is unable to find her. Ysley then wonders how she escaped. Ferlandia recalls Miku telling her that if the enemy wonders how they escaped, its the demons win.

Rin is unable to find the demon in the ocean, but hears commotion caused by Paula and Cory's training. She then immediately attacks Cory, but Paula protects him with her body, telling her Cory is a friend. Seeing a demon in the ocean and a demon who is an ally, Rin wonders what is going on. As Hayato comes, she asks him and he briefly explains the situation. However, he doesn't know why Oobami had memories of Rin's grandfather. Hearing that, Ysley tells Piscalat to shut down all surveillance equipment on the island to prevent Miku figuring out the connection between the Idaten and Oobami. Miku figures out that Ysley is the only smart one and states they need to kill him. Ysley tells Piscalat to get some rest. As she leaves the room, she comment that even though she worked with Ysley, he never tried anything funny with her, but she kinda starts to wish he do. Realizing what she says, she gets embarrassed. Taking a shower, it gets steamy and she realizes its the same drug that Ysley used. Piscalat then sees a regular soldier, but he reveals its a mechanical body controlled by Oobami.

Piscalat returns to Ysley and asks where Prontea is. Hearing he is far away, she uses her hair and cuts Ysley's left arm and legs. Ysley realizes his brainwashing is undone. Seeing Oobami in a soldier body, Ysley realizes that the Miku they chased was actually Oobami and he switched faces and clothes in the building. Oobami confirms, stating that if they figured this out earlier, their plan would have failed, especially after Prontea peeked in the changing room. Ysley realizes that a person reacted to Prontea, but he didn't notice it as that would have revealed the person isn't normal human.

Cory is called back in Zoble and is told to take Paula with him. Getting into Zoble, Cory's food is mixed with drugs and he is knocked out. Rin notices Paula is missing and Gill calls Prontea. He tells her to ask Ysley, but hearing he doesn't answer, he realizes something is off and heads to Zoble. He is unable to find Ysley and wonders what is going on, in that moment, the office explodes. Prontea gets a call from Neput and decides to go to him and Barcode. Having taken Ysley and Paula hostages, Miku suggest they keep quiet for now and study the Idatens. Kuraishi, Ferlandia and Piscalat then take the Idatens and starts experimenting on them.

Cory is taken to Paula and Ysley, but seeing Paula in pain, he starts to feel something. Miku gets information from Piscalat that Oobami is an Idaten born in the other side of the seal. Gill receives news from Prontea that Ysley and Paula are captured by the enemy. Rin then starts running around to look for them.