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The Black South (黒南, Kokunan) is the 2nd episode of Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi anime series.


What have the Idaten been doing in the eight hundred years without any demons to fight? Where do they come from? What is their true nature? And what are they going to do when Dr. Obami plots their defeat?


Rin slamming Hayato

Paula and Ysley are considering to start training. Paula wonders about Rin and Ysley explains that she is the strongest Idaten and fought with the demons 800 years ago. As Oobami is a robot, the one controlling him is still out there and the safest place is to be near Hayato or Rin, as if they have someone stronger than Gyudo-kun, Ysley and Paula will be done. Although if they train under Rin, they also may be done. Ysley explains he used to train with Hayato under Rin, but ran away after three months. Paula thinks that Ysley is exaggerating, but as they sneak seeing a training session between Hayato and Rin, and how brutal she is in beating Hayato, she starts to believe Ysley stories.

Rin noticing Ysley and Paula

Ysley explains that supposedly the best way to train an Idaten. Paula wonders why they don't train under Prontea. Rin then notices them and comments its been 50 years since she saw Ysley. Seeing that Rin is angrier than he expected and a wrong answer could lead to his death, Ysley bows down and apologizes and states he wishes to train under her. Rin is brought to tears and she gets happy that she believes Ysley finally realized his duty. Rin asks about Paula and if she was drawn out by Ysley or Hayato, but Paula states it was Prontea. Idatens are naturally occurring entities and if left alone, they will manifest within few centuries. But another Idaten can intervene and draw them out in an instant. Those that are drawn out, usually accept the other Idaten as their master. That's why Rin who usually spends all her time around the demon seal, will occasionally travel across the world with Hayato to look and draw out new Idatens to join her.

Rin comments that it took her 200 years, but she trained Prontea and its her best student. Rin wonders if Paula is there also for a training and Paula confirms, a decision she would later regret. Rin then takes a battle stance and asks Paula to come at her, but in an instand punches Paula, breaking her chest and sending her flying. Rin then turns to Ysley and beats him, sending him next to Paula. Hayato recovers and sees Ysley and Paula and wonders if they finally decided to train. As he sees Paula is in near death state, he realizes that Rin didn't hold back, but assures Paula that as she keeps getting broken by Rin, she will get used to it. Rin states that Paula will recover after three days, but gives Ysley two hours until they continue. Ysley remembers that he didn't just run as it was too brutal, but he didn't believe this would lead to any progress in his training. He also recalls asking her questions about Idatens, but she didn't knew anything.

Piscalat motivating the soldiers

Elsewhere, Piscalat leads a Zoble army and motivates them to kill and steal. She receives a report from Dr. Oobami asking for the C-Soldiers to return. As she decides to return, a missile hits her. Piscalat comes out unharmed and throws a tank at the enemy.

As Rin ends the training, Hayato wonders if Paula and Ysley had recovered. Paula wonders if this "torture" has a purpose and Ysley states it does as they are different entities and simply lifting weights won't make them stronger. Hayato isn't interested in listening and leaves, but Paula listens to Ysley lengthy explanation on how they are different than humans, but appear humans as they where formed by human thoughts. For them to evolve faster, they must be put on extreme stimuli for about 50 to 100 years.

Hayato notices something on Rin, a small chip, which she immediately breaks without thinking what it was or that Ysley could look into it. Ysley tells Paula that they aren't just manifested by thoughts, but it also needs another element - a desire for salvation. Paula wonders about that as they aren't helping the humans. Ysley comments its because other humans make the humans suffer in war, so there is no sense for them to fight humans to save humans. As Ysley questions her, Paula realizes that she usually ignores humans, but would feel compelled to fight for them if the enemy was a monster. Ysley is curious about the demons, since if they are left alone, they will continue to predate until there is nothing left and they die from starvation, so he wonders if there are intelligent ones and would like to ask them what they want.

Piscalat returns to Zoble, where she meets Nickel. Piscalat scolds her that she needs to show more respect towards superior officer. Nickel agrees and states she needs to be more formal with her manner of speech. Biarov, the Prime Minister of Zoble Empire, wonders why he isn't part of the meeting. The Emperor, Takeshita informs him that the meeting has nothing to do with him as his job is running the government. As they leave for the meeting, Biarov calls Kagekiki and tells him to look into it.

Nickel capturing Kagekiki

As everyone gathers and the meeting starts, Oobami shows up in a badly made robot, explaining his usual body got destroyed by the Idatens. Before they continue, Nickel stops Oobami and transforms her arm, breaking the wall and capturing Kagekiki and then proceeds to cut him into pieces. Brandy tell Oobami, the Demon Lord who granted them human forms and intelligence that they can continue with the meeting.