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Whirlwind (飄, Hyou) is the 3rd episode of Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi anime series.


With the presence of the demons revealed to the surviving Idaten, Dr. Obami sends one of his strongest warriors to challenge the peace-softened deities.


800 years ago, Rin is chased by demons and cries out to her grandfather to save her. As he comes and kills the demons, he comforts her that she no longer needs to cry as they are gone, but Rin explains she is crying because she always needs protection. He laughs and tells her that they will protect her until she gains experience, but one day as they are gone, it will be she that will be protecting the new Idatens.

Nickel and Brandy believe they could take on the Idatens

Oobami shows a video of the Idatens defeating Gyudo-kun. Piscalat comments that she hoped they would be weaker, but Cory states that even he could defeat them. Neput agrees and wonders why are they still hiding in human forms because of those weaklings. Nickel tells him to calm down and Neput scared of her, quickly quiets down. Oobami asks them to raise their hands if they think they can defeat Paula and Ysley and almost all rise their hands. He then asks about Hayato and again most rise hands. Oobami then suggest they imagine there are several strong ones like Hayato and a master who is even stronger, to which only Nickel and Brandy rise hands. Oobami asks Umeyo, Miku and Barcode about the current demon and human populations. Barcode states they have 364 demons with 80 million human troops. Umeyo is disappointed they only have 364 demons after hundred years and tells Piscalat that she needs to help increase the population. Oobami comments that they no longer can remain hidden and needs to strike first. He placed a transmitter on Hayato, but its audio signal probably broke, however it managed to ping the Idatens location for a week until it lost signal. Oobami then states they will play their strongest card, Nickel.

Meanwhile, Ysley tell Paula that he saw a transmitter on Hayato and removed its audio hardware and then placed it on Rin. He guesses the enemy will dispatch someone at their location and it will be someone who is stronger than Hayato, who will end up facing Rin. Paula is worried that they will have Rin fight alone, but Ysley comments that Rin isn't weak and if the demons had someone stronger than Rin, then they didn't stood a chance either way. Paula, Ysley and Hayato start their training with Rin. The three attack but can't land a hit. The then use a team attack, with Ysley's kick causing a dust cloud and then grabs Rin from underground. Paula then pretends to be Hayato and attempts to kick Rin, but she stops her, however in that moment Hayato comes from the other side and lands a kick on Rin. Rin doesn't even flinch, but comments its the first hit she took since 200 years and then proceeds and beats them.

Nickel arriving to fight the Idatens

As they lay on the ground, they see Nickel jumping from a plane. Nickel is disappointed there are only four Idatens. Her aura gives them chills and Paula jumps back feeling a giant demon. Hayato approaches Nickel, guessing she is with Oobami, but wonders what a human can do. In that moment, Nickel arm transforms and pierces Hayato, commenting that one is down. Hayato kicks Nickel, surprising her at first, but she recalls that wasn't enough to kill them. Hayato proceeds to punch her, however his punches have no effect and she inserts her tentacles into him. Rin then steps in and sends Nickel flying with a punch. Hayato intends to fight, but Rin knocks him out and tells Ysley to take him and run with Paula. Before leaving, Ysley states that this isn't a human, but a demon, which surprises Rin. Nickel then attacks, but Rin dodges and closes the distance in an instance. She starts punching Nickel, but Nickel manages to escape. Realizing she doesn't stand a chance up close, Nickel forms a giant fist and punches Rin, however, she manages to stop the attack and starts slamming Nickel. Nickel then undoes the first and spins, cutting Rin's fingers, but a moment later is surprised to see Rin regenerating them. Ysley backs away, but decides they stay close enough for Rin to be able to see them. G-Thirteen realizes that Ysley is smart to do that and decides to not make a shot as if he misses they will flee and know his location. However, G-Thirteen is surprised to see someone able to match up with Nickel.

Nickel facing Rin

Nickel uses a small tentacle to pierce Rin's neck, but that isn't enough to defeat her. Rin asks Nickel what is he exactly. Surprised, Nickel comments he is a demon. Rin states he looks like a human, and she had seen plenty of demons 800 years ago, but none was intelligent enough to communicate or look like human. Nickel states they were granted intelligence and human form, thanks to their great Demon Lord and leader, Over-M. Ysley who secretly listens, realizes Nickel is talking about Oobami, but is now sure that Oobami is just human and had implanted them false memories to control the demons more easily, and if he is correct, Rin will wonder who is that. In that same moment, Rin do wonders who is that. She then summons a sword from her hand, stating that since she is a demon, she will be eliminating her now. Paula wonders from where the sword came out and Ysley states they can change their clothes at will, but to be a weapon it needs to be fundamental part of your lifestyle. Nickel then forms a plan to attack and use her tail to sneak underground and cut Rin from behind. As she launches her attack, however, she freezes the moment her tentacles reach Rin. Rin comments that they obviously don't know anything about Idatens, as there is no way a single demon can defeat solo a trained Idaten. Rin then calls Paula and Ysley as the fight is over. Ysley wonders if this is some sort of paralyzes, however Rin denies it. Nickel then wonders what she did and why she can't move her body. Rin explain its obvious as her head is no longer connected to her body. In that moment, Nickel's head falls down.

800 years ago, after the demons were sealed, Rin felt into fear, wondering if a demon had survived and what she will do. But as time passed, 50 years later, she realized the demons were indeed gone. She then decided to take action and started training to get stronger. She spend 350 years strengthening her body and after 200 more years, she was entirely free of fear. When Prontea, the first Idaten born in the time of peace, completed his training, Rin finally felt at peace and smiled after 600 years.

Piscalat asks G-Thirdteen hows the battle and if Nickel is struggling. G-Thirteen tells her that Nickel lost in a blink of an eye and that they don't stand a chance. In that moment, Rin shows up behind G-Thirteen, commenting if he though he didn't notice him and proceed to kill him. Piscalat panics and asks Brandy if she will be going next. Brandy quickly denies it, stating that if Nickel lost, she will lose too. Piscalat reminds her that she always boosts she is stronger than Nickel, but Brandy states its just a bit. Ysley guesses that the demons are just using Zoble Empire to stay hidden. Hayato awakens and is angry. He tells Rin they need to start training as he doesn't want anyone else to be able to beat him, however, Rin breaks his neck, telling to to rest until he fully regenerates.

Ysley contacting Prontea

Ysley speaks with his men, who inform him they already have Gyudo-kun and are starting to analyze it. Ysley tells him he will be sending another sample and to use as much money as they need. Ysley then calls Prontea, who tells him that Ysley's Idaten theory has turned out to be incredible and can do things that seem like magic. Ysley tells him that he will be comming to see him.