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Yellow Sparrow (黄雀, Koujaku) is the 4th episode of Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi anime series.


Rin is intent on wiping out the demons, but without a plan, it'd be too easy for some to escape. With that in mind, Ysley contacts another Idaten named Prontea to formulate a strategy, while the demons begin their own divide-and-conquer campaign against their divine enemies.


Brandy explaining she can't win

AT the demon's meeting, Piscalat explains that was fourth Idaten they didn't had data and who was extremely strong and likely the one surviving for 800 years. Oobami is didn't expect one from 800 years to still be alive and wonders if Nickel transmitter is still fine, but Piscalat confirms they lost audio soon after G-Thirteen was eliminated and guess someone noticed and disabled it. Oobami realizes they knew about the first transmitter and left it partially functional to gauge their response. The demons then start to panic that they will be eliminated, but Oobami yells them to calm down. Oobami states that they can't ignore Hayato, Ysley and Paula as they could become monsters on their own. Oobami then tells Piscalat, Neput and Cory, to use the military, track the three Idatens and eliminate them. The demons decide to use the humans and strike when they are separated. Meanwhile Rin decides to wipe the whole Zoble Empire as she can't distinguish demons from humans.

Rin asks Ysley where is Zoble Empire, but he calms her down, stating that they don't know how many demons there are and they should try bringing Prontea. Rin agrees that Prontea will be of help, but as she assigned him to watch over the world, she has no idea where to find him. Paula starts to say where Prontea is, but Ysley shuts her up, stating that they will go looking for him and Rin to wait for about a week before taking any action. Rin agrees, and in that moment Hayato attacks her, stating he is healed and wants to train. Annoyed that she was talking, Rin knocks him out. However, Ysley is impressed that Hayato was able not only to land an attack by himself, but also to slightly move Rin. He realizes that Hayato's loss and the hunger for strength it inspired has powered him up a bit.

Idatens traveling on the sea floor

Zoble's navy military starts a move and get close to Rin. She jumps on their ships, but as no one notices her, she realizes they are all human. Rin comments that they are too many humans now and even if she tried to kill them all, there is a chance some could escape, so its indeed better to wait for Prontea. The military notice Rin, but don't know how she keeps popping out and disappearing. Piscalat wonders whats the reason for the split between the Idatens and if its a trap to lure them or something else. Meanwhile, Ysley, Paula and Hayato head towards Hotaena where Prontea is by walking on the sea floor. Ysley states he didn't call Prontea right away, as he won't come because of Rin. And even if Rin goes wild on Zoble, they can't confirm if all demons are dead. He also wants to make sure the two remaining superpowers won't fight when Zoble is gone.

Piscalat is informed that they found G-Thirteen's body, but that doesn't bring any reaction in her. She then asks Oobami what happened with Gyudo-kun's body and Oobami states he wasn't able to retrieve it. As there is also no trace of Nickel's body, Piscalat wonders if the Idaten haven't taken both bodies in order to study the demons and learn their secrets. As that would mean they need humans for faster research, they must be in Hotaena.

Prontea wins a remote controlled cars race. He explains he won due to his racing techniques, but as he is satisfied with his results, he won't be continuing to race and this experiments of his has come to an end. Ysley calls him and tells him that they arrived at Zeyo Coast and Prontea runs to them. As they greet each other, Prontea burns Ysley, showing his new magical skills. Seeing Nickel's head, he realizes they are not there for fun. Hotaena is the land of liberty, formed by the world's business interests, it is a nation based on the idea of a free market. For those with enough money, it could be considered the most peaceful place in the world.

The demons arriving in Hotaena

Some kids stop Prontea and ask him to show them more tricks that are not in the strategy guides. Ysley wonder if he realized how to do it and Prontea confirms, but states it won't be as helpful as Ysley imagined. Hayato wakes up, looking to fight Rin, but Paula tells him they are in a human town. Prontea wonders if Hayato is an Idaten and Ysley confirms. Prontea wonders the same about the head and who is the granny that Hayato yells about, but Ysley states he will explain later. Meanwhile, the demons arrive in Hotaena and start looking for the Idatens.

At Prontea's place, they see many monitors and Prontea explains they are all connected to his mind and he has been making use of potential Idaten abilities as Ysley hypothesized. Hayato wonders why are they wasting time as they need to bring Prontea to granny. Ysley tells Prontea to stay calm and reveals the granny Hayato refers to is Rin. Hearing that, Prontea turns pale and starts rolling in fear, apologizing that he was playing games all day, but explaining that there are no longer demons. As he continues to panic that he will be killed, Ysley who expected this, tells the rest that they need to wait a while until he calms down.

Prontea calms down hearing that Rin isn't mad. Ysley explains he requested a week under the pretense he will be searching for Prontea, and hopes in that time he to help them perform a psychohack on Zoble's computer network to verify the demon's numbers. However as that won't take long, he offers Hayato to train with Prontea. Hayato wonders if Prontea is strong as he is scared of Rin, and Prontea wonders why he can be that rude to her and if he isn't scared, but Hayato states that even if you are nice or rude to her, she will still brutally mess you up the same way. Prontea asks Ysley how long have Hayato been training under her and Ysley states its 80 years and that his spirit never broke. Ysley then takes the head and leaves them. He knows that if Hayato and Ysley go head to head, the demons will notice, but knows they can't beat Prontea and hopes they can capture one of the demons alive. Meanwhile the demons had hacked all cameras in Hotaena and monitor them. Barcode notices Ysley and Brandy dispatches Piscalat to deal with him.

Outside town, Prontea and Hayato prepare for their training. Prontea instatly puts Hayato on fire, but he doesn't flinch. Hayato attacks, but Prontea blocks all attacks and then immobilizes Hayato in ice, following with a kamehameha-like attack. Hayato is unhurt, but annoyed, wondering if Prontea is some sort of wizard and if this is the best he got or he is screwing with him and holding back. Prontea states he hit him as hard as he could, but those are recent magic tricks he learned. Prontea comments to himself that those attacks where strong enough to defeat Paula and Ysley. Prontea continues to use his magic to practice them and is unmoved by Hayato's attacks. Prontea realizes why Ysley brought him, stating that his strength is fundamentally lacking something, and wonders if Hayato wants Prontea to teach him.

As Ysley's lab, he asks Dr. Gachikama if Gyudo-kun was alive, how would he have killed him. Gachikama states its likely poison, exactly how Ysley first theorized. Ysley then wonders about the lethal dose and Gachikama states since tetrodotoxin works, if they feed him 50,000 pufferfish, it maybe will kill it. Gachikama then gives him the results of their research. Ysley asks Gachikama if he heard of Oobami while he was working for Zoble, and Gachikama confirms, stating the Zoble didn't care about researches unless they are led by Oobami and they all were about cloning some strange organism and in vitro fertilization. Ysley realizes the demons are trying to find a way to propagate. A man comes to Ysley, telling him there is trouble. As he takes him to a room, he asks if he will be spared now, but Piscalat cuts him to pieces, however Ysley manages to dodge her attacks. As he traps him into the room, she wonders for how long he will be able to evade her. Ysley breaks the lights and as Piscalat attacks miss, he opens the door in order for light to enter.

Prontea unhurt by the boulder

Meanwhile, Hayato and Prontea keep fighting. Hayato gets annoyed, wanting Prontea to get serious as those punches doesn't hurt at all. Prontea states that he is using the same strength Hayato is and as he is about to tell Hayato's weakness, a large boulder lands on them. Neput wonders if that smashed them. Cory wonders how dumb they must be for them to be able to find them that easily. Prontea is unmoved by the boulder on his head, commenting that the demons found them due to the commotion they caused, and Hayato's lesson will wait until they deal with them. Prontea then crushes the boulder and jumps in the air attacking the demons. However, he sees that his magic also doesn't have effect. As they attack him and he blocks their attacks, he realizes that Neput is strong, but Cory not as much. He then throws Cory to the ground and tells Hayato and Paula to deal with him.