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Color is the 5th episode of Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi anime series.


Three battles are unfolding simultaneously as Ysley takes on General Piscalat of the Zoble Empire, Paula and Hayato tangle with Cory, the demon who looks like a child soldier, and Prontea toys with the powerful Neput. When the dust settles, how will the Idaten/demon conflict have changed?


Cory transformed

Cory transforms his head into giant mouth and attempts to eat Hayato and Paula, but Hayato pushes Paula away. Paula then attacks Cory and realizes he can't see while he is transformed and kicks him between the legs, causing him to spit out Hayato. Neput attacks Prontea, but his attack doesn't even move Prontea, who then uses a lighting attack to blind Neput.

Piscalat facing Ysley

Ysley uses a flash grenade to blind Piscalat, but as she blocks the exit, he wish to talk with her until she recovers her sight. Ysley finds Piscalat to be a sharp one and explains that the demons know they can't win, but are trying to eliminate the weaker Idatens and then think on how to deal with Rin. Ysley doesn't rule out that he may die today, but is sure that the demons that went after Prontea, will die for sure as Rin isn't the only one that can kill demons. He proceeds to explain that the demons are only a threat because they were ten of thousands. As Ysley keeps talking, Piscalat hair goes underground in attempt to catch Ysley offguard. Ysley comments that intelligence can sometimes be a hindrance and then throws another flash grenade. Piscalat closes her eyes, knowing how to deal with it, but in that instance, Ysley launches an attack that rips off Piscalat's shirt. As Piscalat feels ashamed and cover herself, Ysley comments that he realizes that the demon's elevated intelligence also resulted in elevated sense of pride, giving rise to shame at being stripped naked. Angry, Piscalat launches her attack from behind Ysley, but he manages to dodge, explaining that Nickel already used same move. Ysley throws another flash grenade and then stands still, causing Piscalat to wonder what he is intending to do. In that moment, she realizes poison is coming through the holes in the underground she created. Piscalat falls to the ground and Ysley approaches her, explaining that this only has quick reaction due to her human brain and he is using highly potent narcotic and aphrodisiac cocktail, which the brain cannot resist. If she didn't hesitate or fear failure due to her intelligence, she could have killed him with her first strike.

Hayato and Cory keep on fighting, but both can't injure each other. Prontea realizes that eventually Hayato will win, but it will be quite dull. He created a sword and gives it to Paula, telling her to fight using it. As she attempts to strike Cory, he dodges and her attack hits the ground, splitting it in two, shocking Cory. Prontea then tells her to give the sword to Hayato. Cory starts to panic and begs to not be killed, however Hayato just tosses the sword away, commenting that he wouldn't feel right winning with it.

Piscalat asks Ysley to just kill her, but as he is a scientist, he has other things in mind and explains that before he met Hayato, he used to dissect a lot of humans, and learned how to tweak a human brain.

Takeshita and Brandy observe Rin, but as she doesn't move, Brandy gets bored. Takeshita decides to consult with Miku and Brandy goes to call her, who is with the female prisoners and enjoys her time "playing" with them.

Cory and Neput brainwashed

After six hours, Cory gets exhausted and Hayato wins. Cory and Neput are then taken to Ysley, where brainwashed Piscalat welcomes them and explains they will be undergoing brainwashing surgery like her. After brainwashing them, Prontea asks Piscalat about the demons and she explains there are 359, but only three pose an actual threat: Brandy, Takeshita and Umeyo. Brandy is the most powerful, while Umeyo can serve as incubator and take human and demon together and fuse them, creating a demon with human form and intelligence. The soldiers were allowed to violate women, but as they sometimes killed the women or the women killed themselves, they couldn't get babies and forbid it, allowing it to happen only on activate battlefields. Piscalat then pauses expecting the Idatens to be disgusted, but Prontea explains while they are on humans side, they are pretty ambivalent when it comes to their notions of rights and ethics. Neput wonders if why Prontea and Rin doesn't team up and destroy Zoble, but Ysley explains that destroying it without plan could throw human society into chaos. While Ysley thinks of a plan, he wants the three demons to return to Zoble and act as spies, but Piscalat states that won't be possible as Miku is there and she is a threat on her own. Piscalat explains that when they fuse with a human, the mutation is varying both in terms of power and form. Miku and Barcode in an effort to remove the randomness, but they were a failure as they lack strength and shapeshifting ability. However, on a side effect, they have remarkable nervous system with Barcode able to process great amount of information, while Miku has abnormal level of observational insight. Thus she will realizes their brains were tampered as soon as she sees them.

Miku figuring that Rin is protecting something

Meanwhile, as Miku observes Rin for a while, she asks the fleet to be moved slightly, expecting Rin to a slight change in stance. As the fleet moves, Rin do changes her stance. Takeshita doesn't understand why and whats the point in this and Miku explains that she was in a position ready to wipe out the entire fleet. As she changed the fleet formation, she made things harder for Rin and that caused reaction in Rin. However, Miku states that if she doesn't want to kill humans, she could just run away instead of getting ready to attack. Miku then guesses there is something she wish to protect. Oobami joins them and guesses it must be the demon's seal that sealed all the demons 800 years ago. Takeshita thinks they can turn the tables if they break the seal, but Miku states it won't change anything. Oobami states there are three problems. First is they don't know how to break the seal. Second is Rin protecting the island. And third, the return of wild unintelligent demons would also be a problem for them. Miku then wonders to herself, how is Oobami knowing Rin's name.

Piscalat explains that Oobami granted them their intelligence, but as he always contacts them with android proxies, they are not sure of his identity. Neput explains that seventy years ago, while he and Takeshita were still kids, Oobami used to rule over Zoble as Emperor Obama. As he reached the death age for a human, he faked his death and abdicated the throne for Takeshita, and then returned as scientist named Oobami. They suspected he could be a human, but even if the one controlling the androids changed, they are not sure why would they spend centuries trying to help the demons. Miku guesses he can't be human, but also not pure demon as he has intelligence. Paula suggests he could be an Idaten, but Piscalat wonders why is he opposing them. Paula then suggests as they are created from human thoughts, he may be created by demon thoughts. Ysley rules it out, stating if he was Idaten, he would have known more about Idatens than what he knows now. Ysley then wants to take a break, but wishes to speak with Prontea. Hayato wishes to train and Prontea suggests to try and defeat the three demons. Ysley asks Piscalat something in secret about Oobami and she confirms.

Prontea is surprised that Ysley stopped the conversation and wonders if he figured something. Ysley then confirms he figured who Oobami is.