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Smoke is the 6th episode of Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi anime series.


As Ysley and Prontea continue to plot their attack on the demons, Dr. Oobami has the eagle-eyed Miku continue to evaluate the threat posed by the Idaten.


Prontea has a replica of the demon seal, but instead of demons, he sealed cockroaches. Ysley wonders if a third party can remove the seal. Prontea explains that destroying the place with the seal, will break it. Ysley figures that Rin believes the same and that's why she is protecting the seal, however, he then proceeds to break it, showcasing that all the cockroaches are already dead. Since inside the seal, the demons aren't in cryogenics, Ysley believes that all demons had already died 799 years ago and the Idaten wasted their lives, as they could have maintained the seal in shifts for over a year, however, neither they or Rin considered that. Thinking about it, Ysley wonders how can Oobami has a machine that can mimic a human and believes that only possible if he is thought controlling it, like Prontea controls his toy race car. Prontea then realizes that Ysley implies that Oobami is an Idaten. Ysley explains that Piscalat confirmed that they found them by hacking cameras all over the country, but you need to be an Idaten to hack cameras not connected to internet.

Miku decides to directly as Oobami, what is he. Oobami states she is the first to actually express their suspicions. Oobami is fine with Miku keep digging, as he himself doesn't know what he is. Ysley states that Paula's guess that Oobami is Idaten born from the demon's thoughts is not far off the truth. To create an Idaten, you needs three things: thoughs of a number of creatures, desire for salvation and a period of time numbering centuries. The Idaten who sacrificed themselves, the dying demons seeking salvation and the 800 years are perfect conditions. The Idaten who sacrificed themselves are the source of Oobami's knowledge, however as they were disassembled and reassembled, Oobami's memories are hazy. His physical body is also unable to leave the seal, but he doesn't realize it, but because of that he interacts with the outside world with though and machines. Now knowing where Oobami is, Prontea wonders if they will kill him or not.

Neput knocking Hayato

Hayato trains with Piscalat, who comments that he is fast, but his punches are light. As she grabs him with his hair, she states its his loss, as he no longer can attack or escape. He then faces Neput, but his attacks again have no impact. As he jumps at him, Neput knocks him out, stating that even if he is fast, coming in a straight line is easy to counter. Hayato is annoyed at how weak he is. Prontea arrives offering him to tell him how to get stronger and Hayato agrees to listen. Prontea takes out a scale and asks Paula to get on, and then asks her to reduce her weight. Paula easily does it and goes from 36 kilos to 0. Prontea comments that's why she is able to move so silently and proceeds to explains how many other things and advantages she has with that. However, making yourself heavier is harder and for tons it could take hundred of years, while for few kilos only a couple of days, however he believes Paula should be able to and Paula confirms, increasing her weight to 90 kilos. Hayato then gives it a try, weighting 65 kilos, but is unable to increase his weight. Prontea then throws a boulder on him, telling him to imagine its his weight. Ysley wonders if the training will have effect and Prontea states that even if it doesn't, Hayato won't be part of the upcoming battle and he will train him later as they will eventually fight the Demon Lord. He then recalls his earlier conversation, where Ysley says they shouldn't kill him yet as he is a mix of Idaten and demons and they don't know how strong he is. While Ysley isn't sure if Rin and Prontea can defeat him, he knows that while he remains sealed, he won't be increasing his strength. While this isn't Prontea's style, he gets cold feet hearing that Ysley will let him convince Rin to break the seal and after that she will be free to go anywhere.

Hayato punching Piscalat

Paula trains with Neput, who asks her to increase her weight to measure how stronger she will get. As she does, he confirms it felt heavier, but also slower and advice her to increase her weight only a moment before the impact. Hayato loses his patience and breaks the boulder, requesting to continue training with Piscalat. She agrees, but doesn't expect anything different. As they start to fight, Hayato imagines increasing his weight and as he hits Piscalat, he sends her flying, shocking everyone that he was able to learn already. Neput decides to take on Hayato, to see if his attack was just a fluke, however, as Hayato starts punching him, he feels his punches weight much more. Thinking about it Ysley realizes that Hayato never threw punches at his actual weight and is currently increasing his weight more than his actual body weight. Prontea then realizes what a prodigy Hayato is and how strong his punches were even when he weighted only a few kilos.

Hayato then wishes to fight all three demons at once, but Prontea states he will be his opponent, however, he won't be dodging his attacks and Hayato's goal would be to damage him. Hayato kicks Prontea, who doesn't even move. Prontea then kicks him back, sending him flying and crashing at the rocks. Seeing that, Piscalat can't believe they intended to fight monsters like that. Cory tells her they need to report soon and wonders what to do. Piscalat states they have two options: keep quiet or give fake reports to buy time. Piscalat decides to keep quiet as Miku will see through them.

Miku observing Hayato's fight

Miku watches Hayato's fight against Gyudo-kun. Brandy finds Hayato's strength unimpressive. Miku comments that its weird how weak Hayato is and its like he doesn't even realize how much stronger he is. Brandy wonders if he realizes his potential if he would be stronger than her, but Miku believes she would still have the upper hand, however, he could beat the rest of the demons. In fact, she believes some may have been lost already, stating that Piscalat still haven't reported back. Miku wonders if the three demons are already dead, but guesses they got captured and are being integrated. While Piscalat and Neput won't talk easy, Cory would easily spill the beans. Thinking about torturing Cory, then about virgin Piscalat and Neput, Miku gets too excited and decides to go to the "bathroom".

Brandy returns to Oobami and Takeshita, but they tell her there is no news from Piscalat and with Nickel gone, Brandy is their strongest defense. Oobami and Takeshita then go to Miku, but are surprised to see her so focused, however it was just her clarity after using the "bathroom".

Ysley invites Paula to come with him to Sarabael, since two of them can convince them easier, and Paula agrees. As Hayato is send flying again, Ysley decides to tell him another way he can increase his power without increasing his weight.

Brandy orders her children to escape

Brandy secretly calls her three children, Kuraishi, Raki and Buzz. She tells them to escape the country and take a demon with them. They wonder why and Brandy explains its to prevent the demonkind from being wiped out, since Neput and the rest are likely captured and the country may get attacked soon. Raki wonders why the three of them and not their older siblings, but Brandy explains because she personally gave birth to the three of them. The kids laugh, commenting that she is usually rational and is acting like she is doing it for the country, but actually wants to save her kids.

Kuraishi goes the pleasure district and invites a madame, Ferlandia. She initially refuses, having no time for games, but hearing its an order from Brandy, decides to go with him. Buzz decides to invite Meliano, an Air Force Major, but feel ashamed and doesn't know how to ask her. Raki chooses a butler from the Royal Family, Kroft, and asks him to take her away from the kingdom.

Meanwhile at Sarabael, the church convinces people to rise against the sinful nations who blaspheme God. During a preach, Ysley and Paula break the church wall, introducing themselves as Gods.