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Idaten is the 8th episode of Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi anime series.



Hayato and Takeshita start fighting, with Takeshita taking the upper hand and commenting that Hayato is stronger than he expected and may give him a good workout.

Brandy cutting Rin's hand

Rin is fighting Brandy's puppets, but as she gets annoyed, she just obliterates everything on her path, guessing they wont be coming back. Brandy is shocked by her power and knew didn't stand a chance, but continues to fight and calls new puppets. Seeing the strings, Rin realizes they are puppets and someone is controlling them. Brandy then uses another puppet to act as the puppeteer, and tricks Rin into attacking it and manages to cut Rin's hand. Brandy is surprised she fell for such trick that easily and wonders if she can actually win if she plays it smart.

Prontea is looking for Barcode, Miku and Umeyo, but is unable to find the them. As he sees one that looks like Miku, Piscalat comments its too strange and she is likely a decoy, but doesn't know why. Prontea then decides to go and ask the girl. Meanwhile, Takeshita realizes that Hayato recovers too fast and if this drags on, he will be at disadvantage. Hayato wonders if he won't turn into tentacles or something, but Takeshita explains he can't do that and is good only in a straight-up fight, which probably suits Hayato too. Seeing Hayato attacking head on, Takeshita realizes he is simpleton and could have easily won utilizing his speed and recovery. He pierces Hayato's chest, but Hayato tells him he must take out his hand, in that moment, he takes out Takeshita's arm and breaks it.

Hayato pulling a new Idaten

Brandy manages to cut all of Rin's limbs, but as that only annoyed her, Rin instantly recovers them. Annoyed, she grabs the string and starts spinning entangling all the puppets and Brandy into one big ball and then cutting it at the same time, leaving only Brandy alive. Hayato wins over Takeshita, but doesn't finish him off. Takeshita recalls that Oobami they also prepare nuclear missiles, however, he couldn't bring himself up to push the button to launch them. Gil comes to Takeshita to help him. Takeshita tells her its pointless as he weights over 500kg, and doesn't mind dying it front of a beautiful woman and that likes women with sense of modesty. Gil guesses he fought in a way to not harm the hostages and even now he is trying to make sure she gets to safety. In her eyes, he isn't a bad person. Takeshita decides to give her a final warning. He tells her that they are not humans and peace isn't an option, so eventually they will start hunting humans again and if she doesn't want to get captured, she needs to go to Hotaena. As Takeshita dies in that moment, Gil feels powerless as she couldn't do anything and wish for power to protect people. A new Idaten then gets created as the requirements: large volume of thoughts, long period of time, and a desire for salvation long exist in Zoble Empire. Hayato sees a light and pulls out an Idaten out of it. The appearance, sex, name and personality of the Idaten are based off on the most potent source of thoughts, which right now is Gil. As Hayato pulls an Idaten looking like Gil, he wonders what she is doing there and to not play dumb as she saw everything, but the Idaten tells him that he got the wrong person. As a demon attacks Hayato from behind, the Idaten gets scared and takes Hayato and runs at fast speed.

Rin faces Oobami

Rin questions Brandy at the location of the Demon Lord Over-M, but Brandy isn't aware, stating that she is 800 years old and must know more than her. Rin comments that his name brings something to her mind, as her grandfather naming sense feel similar due to calling a demon Super H for being super hard, or another cow-like demon, who is super weak, Gyudon-kun. Brandy then recalls that Oobami decided on Gyudo-kun name due to appearance and ability of the demon. Oobami then approaches Rin, wanting to join the discussion. He states that watching her fight stirred some memories the origins of which he is unsure of. He asks her if the sword is the same as the one Sukis used, surprising Rin that he knows that. He also remembers that Rin used to be fragile crybaby, but doesn't know from where he knows that.

Prontea questions the Miku-decoy, but she doesn't know anything. Piscalat then guesses she ran away and Ysley comments that was smart and realizes why Piscalat was wary of her. Neput informs them they got Biarov and Barcode. Ysley tells him to give Barcode to Prontea, and to explain the situation to Biarov and take him to safety. Prontea brings Biarov to Ysley, but Ysley sees that Hayato is also returning, but a bit slow. Prontea goes to check on him and sees that there is a new Idaten. Hayato tells Prontea that he is taking her to Ysley and then will return to continue fighting. The Idaten introduces herself as Gill. Prontea introduces himself as well, but explains they will chat when the situation is over as they are busy with the war right now. Prontea then goes to Zoble and sees the nun, and wonders how she got there so fast. He wonders if she is Gill and she confirms being Gilltina, but usually shortened to Gill. Prontea find it strange that there is a lookalike and its human. She asks him if he is a god, making him realize she must met Hayato, and confirms. He notices a demon and beheads him in an instant. Gill then slaps him, asking him how he could do that and goes to pray for the demon. Prontea explains the demon would have killed her and if she could criticize if he fought a more desperate battle. Gill isn't sure, but states she can't stand seeing someone getting killed so one-sided. Prontea wonders what to do, but decides to knock her out for the time being.

Rin killing Brandy

Rin sees habits and memories only her grandfather could have, and drops her sword wondering if Oobami is her grandfather. Brandy had figured there a way to defeat her, and seeing Rin dropping her guard, she decides to act. She grabs her sword, having realized that Rin's defense is terrible and she can't withstand the impact of her own attacks. She then slashes Rin in two, creating a blow so strong that it also blows Oobami away. Brandy decides to attack one more time to finish her off, but Rin grabs her neck and breaks it. Rin then cries wondering if she will ever be again with her grandfather.

Six hours later, Piscalat and Cory join the assault. Hayato returns to battle and brainwashed Barcode takes over the operation from Piscalat. With his help, they find and eliminate the last demons, ending the war.