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Shadows is the 9th episode of Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi anime series.



Paula and Gill look at Rin and wonder if she is okay. Her body had already regenerated, but she doesn't seems like normal.

Raki killing everyone in Frohz estate

Its been a week since the Zoble Empire had been overthrown by a military coup d'etat, organized by Piscalat and Neput. The Emperor Takeshita and Empress Brandy had died, and Biarov announced his intent to work with the occupying military. While its a success, Ysley has a lot of work left to do and is going through documents for three days already. Barcode finished his survey on all the bodies they found and were able to confirm, and states that thirteen demons and two babies remain unaccounted for: the three children of Brandy, Kuraishi, Buzz, Raki; Miku, Umeyo with two babies inside of her and her assistant Merku; Ferlandia, a skilled negotiator with humans; Meliano who fled via unauthorized flight; Kroft, skilled at subterranean travel; and lastly the Super Beefy Bros, who are worthless. Ysley comments that the Super Beefy Bros where obliterated by Rin without leaving a trace of them, thus he can remove them from the list. Ysley asks Piscalat if any of the demons are a threat and she states that Umeyo is the strongest fighter, but Miku posses the greatest overall threat. Piscalat reports of an incident three days ago in Frohz estate and how humans where slaughtered in unusual manner and she guest its Raki, who decided to enter the beautiful estate. However as she left after that, it means she is traveling with someone who told her they need to leave. During the coup, Neput killed a Kuraishi decoy, so Piscalat believes they were aware of the upcoming attack and fled before that.

Meanwhile, Kuraishi is with Ferlandia and wants to use an underground place owned by Gibaccho, someone he worked with into smuggling weapons and trafficking humans. However, having no longer power in Zoble, Gibaccho states there is no reason to work with him anymore. Piscalat compares Kuraishi to Ysley and explains he established a variety of connections in the human underworld, which could make him dangerous opponent. Meanwhile, Miku, Umeyo and Merku hide in a small house, while Miku browses the social media trying to find the perfect prey.

Piscalat telling Gil she is useless

Piscalat informs Ysley that Gil had awaken, but he tells her to leave her in custody for now and allows Piscalat to rest. Piscalat goes to Gil and lies on her bed. She tells her that Zoble is gone and there won't be anymore invasions. Gil wishes to help, but Piscalat questions her if she can drive heavy machines, clear rubble all day, or have medical knowledge to treat injured people, but as she can't do any of that, she is just an useless person who can only pray. Gil can't argue with that and that's why she wanted power so she can help. Meanwhile, the Idaten Gill also wishes for the same thing. Paula tells her that Idaten gets stronger by painful training, but Gill doesn't mind. When drawing out an Idaten involves adding your own thoughts to a nascent existence in order to shorten the amount of time required for manifestation. Because of that, Gill is influenced by both Hayato and Gil desire to get stronger.

Hayato wishes to train with Rin, but Rin has no desire. Ysley figured out that after she realized the Demon Lord's identity, she lost desire to live. Ysley asks Prontea if he found any information on the Demon Lord's research. Prontea explains that the files are in a strange file format and can only be seen if you connect your consciousnesses to the computer, however he isn't smart enough to analyze them and have been in and out trying to write them down on paper for Ysley or someone else to analyze. Ysley see its a three pattern of genetic code, which he would have figured soon anyway. Prontea feels he lost his time and comments there are ten of thousand files like this and they need to give up on the Demon Lord's research unless they can make a monitor that shows brain imagery or Ysley train until he can access them himself. Ysley comments Prontea can study to learn to understand them, but Prontea doesn't want to as it feels waste of time. Ysley informs him they identified the 9 missing demons and once they locate them, he will send him to eliminate them, but in the mean time he needs to help train the Idatens to be able to defeat demons like Brandy and Nickel.

At a Hotel District, Kroft orders some food for him and Raki. As he is out of money, he asks Raki to lend him some. He explains that Raki has the same power as Brandy, but she lacks strength. However as she can extend it into several kilometers, she can easily steal money from people without them noticing. Because of that Kroft haven't ditched Raki, as he will need her power. As the room service comes, Raki realizes something is wrong and comments the person doesn't weight anything. As they don't answer, Prontea breaks the door and enters and seeing no one, he wonders how they realized it. Ysley comes after him and explains the hotel is surrounded, so they must be hiding somewhere. As they can't find them, Ysley realizes that one of the demons can escape through underground. Prontea quickly finds a tunnel, but sees it has several branches, and starts running to check all of them. Ysley doesn't believe he will find them as Kroft should have closed the real paths and create dummy roads. While running Kroft guesses they checked their alias and figured it out, but now they can never go to a human town. Raki starts complaining that she wants baths and beds and to shut her up, Kroft kisses her.

Merku taking Bonnie's identity

Miku had found the perfect prey. They go to a woman's house, Bonnie and as she opens they get themselves in. As they capture her, Miku explains that she is perfect because has no friends or family, shops only online and has money from her family in her bank account, so they could spend years living there. As she found all her passwords and accounts, Miku tells Merku to kill Bonnie as they won't even need to question her anything. Merku then starts operating on Bonnie, taking her hand and face skin and wearing it, in order to be able to pretend its her when she receives deliveries. Miku then tells Umeyo to eat the remaining of the body. Umeyo isn't happy as humans doesn't taste good, but eats the body.

Miku decides to hide for few years

Ferlandia asks Kuraishi what are they going to do now, but Kuraishi has no idea on how to contact the Demon Lord. He explains that since they got Piscalat and Neput on their side, they know all of the emergency methods to contact him. Kuraishi used a human and told him to call the Demon Lord and repeat what he wrote him, and Oobami tells him that they are being listened to and gives him the names of the nine demons that survived. A second later, two police officers come and arrest the man. Meanwhile, Miku states he can contact the Demon Lord in few days, but its better to stay quiet for few years.

Few years later on a deserted island, Meliano loses her arm to a monster. Buzz attacks it, but Meliano stops him, trying to explains its not a monster, but their child. However, the child gets scared of Buzz and leaves. Buzz comments that without the Demon Lord, they are nothing more than monsters.