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Hayato (ハヤト, Hayato) is the main character in Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi series.


Hayato looks like a young boy with medium long blond hair. He usually wears a light brown jacket.


Hayato is one of the Idaten training under Rin, a new generation that was "summoned" by Rin about 80 years ago, but he is extremely brainless and only cares about becoming stronger himself. However, unlike Rin, who became strong out of a sense of responsibility towards the previous generation, and Prontea, who only became strong as a result of being beaten up, he has the potential to become the strongest as a Idaten who genuinely seeks power.


He is a brainless and a tough Idaten as he only cares about getting stronger. Despite his toughness, he likes to often play with Paula and Ysley and often lays down to relax. He shows no mercy to any enemies he fights. He also refuses to use weapons when fighting, demonstrated when he rejected the sword Paula gave him to use against Cory, stating that he wants to get strong using his fists.


  • Unparalleled Physical Prowess
  • Extreme speed (able to run around the world in a few hours)
  • Extreme strength
  • Extreme stamina
  • Supernatural Reflexes
  • Invulnerability (can take damage but regenerates it and he doesn’t need any body parts to live)
  • Body Manipulation (can change his weight at will)
  • Sword Manipulation (all idaten have the abilities to make a sword come out of their bodies)