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Paula (ポーラ, Pōra) is a main character in Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi series.


Paula looks like a young girl with long brown twin tail hair. She usually wears a shirt with a long skirt.


Paula was born about 16 years ago, after being "summoned" by Prontea, a disciple of Rin. She enjoys talking to birds more than fighting, and is good at silent movement.

The birds told Paula about humans gathering at the north and upon checking it, they found out that the humans were resurrecting a demon. Paula was no match for the demon, but Hayato defeated it. Ysley suggested they train under Rin, Paula agreed but thought Ysley was exaggerating how brutal Rin is, however, the moment Rin started training them, Paula quickly believed all of Ysley stories about Rin.


Paula is rather weak compared to Hayato and Ysley as she likes to relax and talks to birds. She is also genuinely kind to Ysley and Hayato and respects Rin as an Idaten despite thinking of her as a complete monster with brutal strength.