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Piscalat (ピサラ, Pisara) is a character in Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi series.


Piscalat is young woman with a long light blonde hair that straightens to her lower knees. She has a tall, slim yet curvaceous body, posessing a plump, jiggly bust and a surprisingly round, fat bottom, emphasized when wearing her tight jeans. She has bright blue eyes often very stern and confident smile. She is usually in the Zoble military uniform as her position as a general.


Piscalat is a General of the Zoble army. She leads the army with overwhelming power, but is a naive and shy maiden when it comes to sexual matters. She was leading the army into plundering and raping citizens, but Oobami summoned her back to the capital.


  • It has been hinted that she may have romantic feelings for Ysley but this has yet to be confirmed.