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Prontea (プロンテア, Purontea) is a character in Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi series.


Prontea looks like a tall young man with lengthy grey hair. He usually wears a tracksuit that has the logo "P" as in his initials.


Prontea is an Idaten born about 200 years ago after being "summoned" by Rin. During the 120 years of Rin's training, he was able to strengthen his defense due to the fact that he couldn't land a single hit. As of result of the training he had become traumatized by Rin. At the request of Ysley, Prontea is training to recreate the magic that the Idaten used in the past.

He has also started to view Hayato as a monster like Rin after training him to increase the weight of his attacks.


  • Extreme Strength
  • Extreme Speed
  • Flight
  • Body Manipulation (can change his weight at will)
  • Sword Manipulation (can create a sword from his body)
  • Invulnerability (can take damage but he simply just regenerates it so no attacks have actually been able to damage him)
  • Magic:
    • Fire
    • Ice/Water
    • Purple Substance (Can use it to evade attacks.)